About Us

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Alpine Division is more than just the brand with a duck. We are a collective of snowboarders and skateboarders, artists and creators. Outdoor enthusiasts who are passionate about great design. With our roots in the Portland, OR we needed a bag that could transition from the slopes of Mt. Hood, to our busy lives in the city. In 2014 we set out to build a pack that could do it all. Since then we've expanded our product line to include duffels, apparel, accessories and more. By combining durable materials and simple, timeless design; we are able to create gear that's limitless in its capability.

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And while we don't believe in taking life too seriously, our dedication to customers is no joke. Free shipping and returns is the least we can do. We stand behind our product 100% and if you ever, ever have any issue at all--we will offer to repair or replace, no questions asked. Now that's something to quack about!